Don’t stand, don’t stand…

A local version of inappropriate yoga guy was in my class the other night.  I placed my travel mat on the floor (all folded up) and went to place flip flops in the back of the room. Yoga guy looked around, smiled and placed his mat almost on top of my travel mat.

I moved my mat away from his mat, and class began to fill up a little more. He then moved his mat even closer to mine, as if this was a joke. Creep-y is all I have to say.

I moved a bit further away and didn’t make eye contact. He creeps me out a bit, I have to say. My friend, Chris, said he’s just a nerdy IT guy. But I don’t think it gives him the excuse or right to totally invade my space at class and think it’s funny to put his mat on top of mine. Namaste.

Everybody wants to hear …

anything but “Closer to Free.”

The BoDeans are in town this weekend. I’m not going to see them, but was a bit disappointed with a lack-luster preview in The Seattle Times today. Any BoDeans fan will tell you that you shouldn’t miss “Still the Night” or “Good Things” or “Texas Ride Song” or even a sweet ballad, like “Far, Far Away from my Heart.”  “Closer to Free” is just, you know, a really uncreative musical reference.

Jakob Dylan? “Something good this way comes” is a sweet tune from the first album. I also really dig Robert Randolph, and recommend “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with that” from his first album. It’s a nice piece of funked-up retro soul and it’s doubtful anyone could sit still while listening to it. The guy is loads of fun to watch in concert, too.

Sara Bareilles?  She has lots of gems, and I agree with Joanna on the new tune that’s getting airplay, “King of Anything.”    There you have it, music lovers.