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New ring.

13 Feb

A great new sparkly find.  From Macy’sGuess brand.  Looks like J Crew but it’s snot.  Photo is a little blurry but guess I will improve as I get used to the new ‘droid.   Now I can make my posts a little less. Boring.

off to Mexico

13 Feb

Heading off to Mexico tomorrow for a yoga retreat, and I’m very excited.  I’ve been irritable at work and also productive, and it’s time for a vacation.  Twice a day yoga classes, three hours total.  Getting rid of the muffin top.  Feeling relaxed.  Exploring a new place.  Can’t wait.

Last wknd, I went to PNB’s Sleeping Beauty.  Bo-ring.  I was seriously surprised.  I love PNB and its productions, mostly because of the new works Peter Boal brings to Seattle.  I am not anti-traditional ballet, either … since one of my favorite works ever is Swan Lake.

But sleeping beauty was repetitive and boring. My friend, Anne, dug the costumes. And three intermissions to me didn’t make sense unless PNB has figured out that selling lots of over-priced booze can help the bottom line.  Hey, I sprung for a glass of wine, so I appreciate an intermission. But three … when there didn’t seem to be visible set changes?

Oh well.  See.  Maybe I was showing signs of needing that vacation last wknd.  Until next week – a report from the post-yoga haze and happiness.  Ciao!