teal rug, and Clear Wire

Wow. It’s been a month since I’ve been in here. Lots happening since then, including a move, closing on a new condo … related craziness that occurs … and now, the good part. New furniture, including a wonderful little brown love seat that I really love. And my new teal rug. I like bright colors – simple-sounding, I know. But I’ve now got a place where I can show my own style, and make it my own.

The last place that I lived started off as a six-month sublet. But then it turned into six and one-half years … my longest stint living anywhere since growing up. I thought it would be hard to leave the old neighborhood / Capitol Hill. But I am already enjoying the new neighborhood, getting used to new bus routes, like the #70 and #49 … and enjoying my urban view that makes me feel like I’m in the big city. Good times. And I’ll be back again soon.