The heat, my God, the heat.

A favorite line from Seinfeld, but unfortunately also oh-so-true this week in Seattle. I’ve been sleeping downstairs all week … and thank goodness things have cooled off today. Yesterday, I had the most horrible heated bus experience ever. I got on the #10 downtown, and had to get off w/in two stops because the heat was unbearable. Everything I touched was warm and I was hopeful a cooler bus would come along, or maybe one with A/C.

Alas, it didn’t happen. So I got on a #43, thinking that at least it would get me closer to home and that it probably couldn’t be that bad. But it was. And there was a crying baby on board to boot. Poor kid. I just kept hoping the mom would decide to get off the bus and take the kid inside to enjoy some A/C in a store, or a wading pool. Seriously. Of course I don’t have kids, so it’s easy for me to judge.

It did eventually cool off a bit last night, but when I went to bed last night, I really wanted to cry. Thank goodness the SLU office is cool and we aren’t in the old digs. Now I’m even wondering if I need to get a little portable air conditioner for my new place.

But before I start thinking about even more new purchases, it’s cooler out tonight and should be through the weekend. Small miracles, but they make us all happy in Seattle.

By Mary G.

I'm a science writer, media relations specialist and a former journalist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. I currently work at Colorado State University, and previously worked at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I lived for 12 years.

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