The heat, my God, the heat.

A favorite line from Seinfeld, but unfortunately also oh-so-true this week in Seattle. I’ve been sleeping downstairs all week … and thank goodness things have cooled off today. Yesterday, I had the most horrible heated bus experience ever. I got on the #10 downtown, and had to get off w/in two stops because the heat was unbearable. Everything I touched was warm and I was hopeful a cooler bus would come along, or maybe one with A/C.

Alas, it didn’t happen. So I got on a #43, thinking that at least it would get me closer to home and that it probably couldn’t be that bad. But it was. And there was a crying baby on board to boot. Poor kid. I just kept hoping the mom would decide to get off the bus and take the kid inside to enjoy some A/C in a store, or a wading pool. Seriously. Of course I don’t have kids, so it’s easy for me to judge.

It did eventually cool off a bit last night, but when I went to bed last night, I really wanted to cry. Thank goodness the SLU office is cool and we aren’t in the old digs. Now I’m even wondering if I need to get a little portable air conditioner for my new place.

But before I start thinking about even more new purchases, it’s cooler out tonight and should be through the weekend. Small miracles, but they make us all happy in Seattle.

Power, and control, when you don’t have power

That’s something my therapist and I discussed today. I see Jodi at Ahimsa Counseling Services. I found the service through a friend, and thought Jodi was a good match based on her background and expertise.

She’s been super helpful, and I even “graduated” after only two sessions. She provided some tips on how to deal with stress in my life and I really saw improvements right away. So we switched from once-a-week appointments to once-a-month. Life isn’t perfect, and she remains a big help.

I want to try and see 500 Days of Summer this wknd, or soon. I have really been impressed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s acting in past films, and the story seems quite compelling. Levitt is like a Shia Labeouf type of character in terms of his looks, but his range in terms of acting is quite remarkable for someone so young. I recommend Stop-Loss (remarkable in general and not just for Gordon-Levitt), Brick and the Lookout if you’re curious about his work. Brick perhaps first because it’s an early look at his acting genius.

Yes, I am now sounding like a big movie geek. It’s true. In addition to the music stuff, I likes the movies. Speaking of the former, I’m set to write a preview of an upcoming Kenny Chesney concert in Seattle. I’m psyched. Apparently the Coldplay review went over really well, and people like my work. Is it wrong to use “preview” and “upcoming” in the same sentence? Just askin’.

Pathetic blogger

I am not very good at this, am I? So many things happening, and I haven’t written a word in a month.

Work has been crazy busy, with lots of good things happening. The NBC News segment on primary care just aired the other night, and it was cool to see what happens after hours of filming. Verdict? It was informative, our doc and students did a great job … and it was pretty cool to see UW on NBC Nightly News.

I finally, in the last week, wrote a short note to Peter Boal at PNB. I am not sure if he will respond, but I am pretty sure he will at least hear about my note. Who wouldn’t want to hear glowing praise, and someone saying they are grateful you live in Seattle? Corny, I know. But it’s true.

The Coldplay show was amazing and a welcome last-minute assignment … despite the long drive to the Gorge and staying up until 4:30 am last Sunday. The sun was coming up by the time I went to bed .. but thank goodness for the trusty eye mask from my Jet Blue flight to NYC months ago.

Tonight, I’m off to see two of my favorite dogs in town, Sprout and Bailey Linden-Schulte. Mike and Marc make the best dinners and it’s been too long since I’ve seen them. Last time was for the Ben Folds show, I do believe.

More soon, promise. I will *not* let a month go by again without at least a little scribble.