Getting the boot (adult kickball feature)

If kickball players can drink in the park, she says, “why can’t the crazy crack addict drink? And why can’t the homeless guy defecate in the playground? Just because they’re young professionals and are a little smoother doesn’t mean it’s OK.

Writing for the Washington City Paper was a great gig. I had a great editor and got to write about both political stuff, and the quirky things I saw and learned about while living in D.C.

This one on an adult kickball league and related shenanigans was an assignment from my editor. A friend at the time cracked up about the quote with the homeless guy reference. And if you Google my name, you’ll find a site for the guy who tipped us off about this story.

Oddly enough, years later, in Seattle, I played adult kickball. It wasn’t all that fun. I mean, it was fun, but I got injured. No fun.

By Mary G.

I'm a science writer, media relations specialist and a former journalist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. I currently work at Colorado State University, and previously worked at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I lived for 12 years.

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